Osprey Publishings Blog- 23.1.14

Ospreys post on their best selling books of 2013
While I was waiting for a wash of paint to dry, I was browsing the Blog posted by Mike at Osprey Publishing. It was covering their best selling titles of 2013. Eventually I came across his post about the Best selling 'Warrior' titles:

'Bestseller: WAR 166 Roman Legionary AD 69-161.
Surprise Package: I think this book has some of the most impressive artwork of any book that we published in 2013 - really striking - was Warrior 169 Italian Soldier in North Africa. Aided by art from the brilliant Steve Noon it rapidly shot up the sales rankings.'

Great news all round, especially as it wasn't published until late in the year.

You can find this and other articles by going to the Osprey Publishing website and clicking on their 'Blog' tab.

I will have prints and original paintings from the book available later this year.